Lavender is fragrant, complex, and provides a soothing alternative for healing and wellness. It is excellent for spas and massage therapy. Lavender relaxes muscles and relieves headaches. It has been used to help people sleep better for hundreds possibly thousands of years. Lavender has been attributed to many natural health benefits. It is our opinion that of all the essential oils it is by far one of the very best. Not only does it help promote health and well-being, but it is also by far one of the most fragrant and delightful natural oils on the planet.
Almost everybody loves the soothing fragrance of lavender. Because of its popularity, lavender can be found in fragrances and hygienic products throughout the market.

There are many ways to use lavender. For instance, you can use it to help you sleep.
When it comes to insomnia or other sleep disorders, Lavender is considered an effective aid. To wind down and get a good night's rest, people from the past would insert stalks of dried Lavender into their pillows. This approach is retained as you get to see some pillows that contain lavender.
Aromatherapists often use Lavender for its therapeutic properties. Lavender plants are believed to have a calming scent that promotes relaxation. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, it may also ease minor pain.

Lavender can be used for culinary purposes as well. Many culinary uses for Lavender exist today, including using it as a flavoring for baked goods. In herbal medicine, Lavender is often used to relieve headaches, toothaches, nerve pain, and digestive issues.
Please check out our website. We pride ourselves on the delightfully aromatic items we have created from lavender flowers and oil. Thank you for visiting us today. We look forward to serving you with our products.

Why buy dried lavender bundles and what makes our bundles so special

Did you know that a dried lavender bundle can retain its color for many months even more than a year?
But what's even more important is to preserve its fragrance.
Since we started farming lavender over seven years ago, we have learned so much about this incredible plant.
Through years of experience and the school of hard knocks, we learned that nothing is better than a dried bundle of lavender. We found out that fresh lavender is not a product not to be admired. Firstly it spoils when being shipped. Loses its color and fragrance.
But dried lavender lasts a very long time.
You see it's the oil in the flowers that produce the fragrance, and dried lavender has as much out in the flower as a fresh cut bundle.
Once a bundle is dried the color and fragrance are preserved. A dry bundle can fill a room with lavender fragrance for six months to a year. To prove how the oil is preserved in a dry bundle, simply pull a few flowers off your bundle and crush them between your thumb and forefinger. Then smell the very strong and amazing fragrance left on the tip of your finger.
These incredible dry bundles will slowly release the beautiful scent to freshen up any place you put them in your house.

So, why buy our bundles?
One reason is they are freshly harvested. Secondly, we are very good at preserving lavender bundles. We have tons of experience making bundles that keep their fragrance.
Third, nothing represents the love of lavender like a natural bundle. Lastly, our bundles are economical because we have produced and sold thousands of bundles so try our special offer on multiple bundles and keep in mind, that there may be something special in store for you when you get them.

Experience the Natural Soothing Properties of Lavender

Experience the Natural Soothing Properties of Lavender

Visit our family farm in Greenville, TX to purchase lavender lotion

Many people have heard that lavender essential oil can help reduce stress, but did you know that it can also be used to treat headaches and promote sleep? This beautiful and pleasant-smelling flower has many beneficial properties, which is one of the reasons why we grow it.

Musgrove Family Farm in Greenville, TX sells high-quality lavender lotion, soap and hand sanitizer made from all-natural ingredients. Check out our online store to see what's currently in stock.

Carrying all types of lavender products

If you love lavender as much as we do, you're sure to be delighted by our wide range of products. We carry:

  • Lavender lotion
  • Lavender hand sanitizer
  • Lavender hydrosol
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lavender goat milk soap
  • Lavender lip balm
  • Lavender bundles
  • Lavender flowers

We grow our lavender on our small family farm and make our lavender products here as well. This way, we can be sure only the best ingredients go into our products. Shop today to support a local business!